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    Holy Angels Catholic School is excited to welcome you to the


    TCDSSI is an organization run by parent and teacher volunteers whose objective is to promote healthy, competitive and recreational swimming and to provide instruction for the development of swimmers of all abilities. This event welcomes over 1300 swimmers representing over 30 elementary schools from across Toronto and brings over 2500 visitors to the Etobicoke Olympium each spring.

    Since 1992, Toronto Catholic elementary school parent councils have taken turns hosting this monumental event.

    Holy Angels Catholic School is thrilled to be your 2020 host. We wish all swimmers the best of luck.


    2020 Holy Angels

    2019 St. Demetrius
    2018 St. Gregory
    2017 St. Denis
    2016 St. Clement
    2015 St. Edward
    2013 Our Lady of Sorrows
    2012 St. Clement
    2011 Annunciation

    2010 Ste. Marguerite d'Youville
    2009 St. John
    2008 St. Edward

    2007 St. Antoine Daniel
    2006 St. Clement
    2005 St. Denis
    2004 Blessed Trinity
    2003 Holy Angels/St. Marguerite D’Youville/St. Leo
    2002 Our Lady of Sorrows
    2001 Annunciation

    2000 St. Brendan
    1999 St. Michael’s Choir
    1998 St. Denis
    1997 St. Cyril
    1996 St. Gabriel
    1995 St. Clement
    1994 Blessed Trinity
    1993 St. Anselm
    1992 Our Lady of Sorrows

    Contributions by hundreds of volunteers make the TCDSSI a success each year.

    From the dedicated parent volunteers on the Holy Angels CSPC to the high school students earning their volunteer hours, and everyone in between, THANK YOU!


    Holy Angels would like to thank our neighbourhood sponsors.

    We hope you'll take a moment to view their websites, visit their businesses and use their services.

    Thanks To Our Title Sponsor

    Gib San Pool & Landscape Creations


    Gold Level Sponsor

    Humberview Chevrolet Buick GMC


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    Bronze Level Sponsors

    TownSquare Developments

    Broadview Produce

    PM Fine Cabinetry

    Shed Village



    Camps, experiences, services, events, products and more - all donated by our community!Check in and bid often!eTransfer payment accepted!Auction link coming soon!


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    Did You Win?

    At the close of the auction, all winners will be notified via email and sent instructions regarding payment / pick up


    Pick Up Your Items

    Pick up options:

    1) At Holy Angels School

    2) At the Olympium during the meet on Saturday

    3) Holy Angels Parish Hall upstairs


    Sponsored by Jim and Maria's NoFrills

    1020 Islington Ave

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    Holy Angels Catholic School was founded nearly 60 years ago and for several decades served a predominantly Canadian-Italian population. Our school has grown significantly over the years and is now blessed with families from a myriad of cultural backgrounds. In the spirit of celebrating our roots, we are pleased to provide a selection of Italian fare which will include hot and cold dishes just like Nonna would have made!

    We look forward to seeing you there – please stop by and say "CIAO!"

    Buon Appetito!

    Cafe Menu

    Don't forget to bring your own reusable water bottles as water sold in single use bottles will not be sold during the meet.


    Snacks will be sold in the cafeteria as well as in the spectator area by our food services runners

    Saturday Menu - Open 7am to 4pm


    Breakfast Options:

    • Assorted flavours of bagels, muffins and croissants
    • Hard boiled eggs, yogurt, granola bars, cheese

    Lunch Options:

    Hot Dishes

    • Veal with sauce on a bun (grilled veggies available)
    • Grilled chicken on a bun (grilled veggies available)
    • Pasta with red sauce (meatless)

    Cold Dishes

    • Fresh garden salad
    • An assortment of deli style sandwiches

    Sunday - Open 11am to 4pm


    Lunch Options:

    • Pizza (cheese, vegetarian and pepperoni)
    • Fresh garden salad
    • An assortment of deli style sandwiches


    Beverages & Snacks Galore Available Saturday & Sunday While Supplies Last:

    • Assorted hot and cold beverages including coffee, sodas, energy drinks and juice
    • A selection of sweet treats, chips, cookies, candies and fruit

    Avoid the lines and pre-order meet apparel and logo water bottles today!

    Single use plastic water bottles will not be sold during the meet.

    Preorder Meet Apparel

    Keep cozy with a TCDSSI 2020 memento

    Click here to place your order now!

    Order your custom t-shirts and hoodies before the meet to avoid lineups at the Olympium merch table!

    Order online and your purchase can be shipped directly to you!

    Weekend merchandise sales and pick up located outside the change room doors.

    25 oz Reusable TCDSSI 2020 Logo Water Bottle

    Online Ordering Is Now Closed


    A limited number of logo water bottles may be available for purchase during the meet in the cafeteria and where programmes are sold.

    Pre-ordered water bottles will be distributed to coaches on March 3 at Holy Angels CS during registration day.

    Fundraise for Holy Angels

    At check out click "Support a Fundraiser"

    Then type "Holy Angels Catholic School (Toronto)"

    Thanks for your support!


    Races - DQ's - Awards & Scoring

    STRIKE UPDATE: School administrative staff are permitted to attend practices in place of teacher representatives during strike action.

    As the swim meet is scheduled outside working school hours, the swim meet will take place regardless of strike action and a non-unionized TCDSB member will remain on the premises throughout the meet weekend.

    ALL schools must have a currently employed board staff member attend each practice and the meet.


    Individual Races

    • Students may only enter 3 individual races. ie: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, or Individual Medley (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle)

    Relay Races

    • Students may only enter 4 relay races. Freestyle Relay (Grade 3-8) or Medley Relay (Grade 4-8) (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle)
    • Age-up allowed up to 2 years however, may only occur if you do not have enough age group swimmers   
    • The strokes most often causing DQ problems are Breaststroke and Fly. When building your relay teams please keep this in mind.

    Disqualifications (DQ)

    • Freestyle - make sure to touch the side of the pool on touch turns, flip turns and at the end of the race
    • Backstroke - when doing a flip turn once you turn to your stomach only one arm pull is allowed prior to the turn, when looking for the wall do not have your shoulder come out of the water more than 45 degrees
    • Breaststroke - two hand touch required and no flip turns permitted, arms may not pull down more than 45 degrees, whip kick required
    • Fly - two hand touch required, no flip turns permitted, arms must move simultaneously, elbows must clear the surface of the water, legs must kick simultaneously
    • Relays - swimmers feet must not leave the block until their teammate has touched the side of the pool
    • Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
    • Ribbons for 4th through 8th in all individual and relay events
    • Ribbon given for each heat winner



    • Individual events: 1-50

    Points: 30-25-20-15-14-13-9-8-7-6-5

    • Relay events: 51-73

    Points: 30-25-20-15-14-13


    Event #74 – Special Olympics - will not be scored


    Saturday AM & PM

    All athletes in grades 3, 4 & 5 will swim individual and relay events in the shallow end only

    All athletes in grades 6, 7 & 8 will swim individual events in the deep end; relay in the shallow end

    All Special Olympics athletes will swim in the shallow end only



    All events will take place in the shallow end only


    Starting Blocks & Lane Numbers

    All lane numbers can be found on the side of the starting blocks


    The Start Beep/Flash

    Many swimmers are surprised at how quiet the start beep/tone is. Please let your athletes know to listen for the "beep" carefully. It's quieter and shorter than they may expect. There is also a flash that indicates the race start.


    Avoid False Starts

    Both the beep and the flash are located on the starting box where the officials, wearing red shirts, will be standing at either end of the pool (this is why we request no flash photography as a camera flash can be mistaken for a race start).

    Qualifying Times

    For Girls & Boys


    Shallow End


    Deep End


    Shallow End Only


    Due to fire safety regulations, inking is not permitted in the hallway and should take place on deck in your school zone prior to opening ceremonies.
    Thank you for adhering to the City of Toronto Fire Regulations.

    1. Leave plenty of time to find parking on Saturday; build in enough time to walk from the overflow lot to the facility

    2. Upon entry to the building, swimmers should make their way to the main change rooms and proceed to the pool deck no later than:

    Saturday AM - 7:30am

    Saturday PM - 12:30pm

    Sunday AM - 11:30am

    Adults are not permitted to enter the change rooms.

    3. On Saturday, the athlete's 1 support person wearing a swim meet spectator wristband should drop their swimmer off outside the change room then make their way up the stairs to the viewing gallery immediately. Sunday spectators do no require wristbands.

    4. Coaches should INK athletes while seated in their zone prior to the opening ceremonies (see below for INKING instructions)



    - Saturday AM swimmers are to be on deck no later than 7:30am and seated in their school zone

    - Saturday PM swimmers should be on deck by 12:30pm in their school zone

    - Sunday swimmers should be on deck by 11:30am in their school zone

    - There will be a gymnastics meet held in the gym directly across from the change rooms - please do not disturb the event

    - There is no loitering allowed in the hallways on the main floor. Security will be monitoring hallways closely to comply with strict fire safety regulations


    Please be kind and courteous to everyone you encounter at the Olympium.

    ALL of the meet organizers, coaches, coordinators and managers are volunteers doing their best for the good of the athletes and TCDSB.

    Rowdy or offensive patrons will be asked to leave the facility by security or removed by police.



    Inking is a way of helping you remember what events you're in!

    It is highly recommended that athletes ink (write) their event, heat, lane and stroke on their forearm with a black SHARPIE marker prior to the opening ceremonies with help from coaches.


    Example: E25 H4 L2 Free


    Event Number (info available upon registration - in advance of meet day)

    Heat Number (found in the programme guide for sale near the stands)

    Lane Number (found in the programme guide for sale near the stands)

    Stroke (most swimmers will know in advance which strokes they'll be swimming, also available in the programme guide)


    From parking to drinking water


    Please respect the NO PARKING signage. Enforcement officers will be patrolling all weekend and fines can be quite substantial (fire lane/handicap spaces). Allow yourself extra time to find parking as the lots will be very busy. Overflow parking will be available in the Centennial Park lot located at 256 Centennial Park Road, Etobicoke.


    Swimmers should arrive dressed in their team swim suit, t-shirt and swim cap. The change rooms may be overcrowded and lockers are usually full. The use of mobile devices in the change rooms is strictly prohibited.


    Holy Angels is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles. All personal items found on deck will be placed in the Olympium Pool Lost & Found, located directly across the main floor elevators.


    We recommend each athlete bring several towels, dry clothing/robes to wear between heats, goggles, swim caps, and their best cheering voices! Please note that school snack policy applies (no nuts/litterless) and there is no eating allowed in the on-deck bleachers. Bring your own refillable water bottle or purchase the 2020 TCDSSI for $15 while supplies last.


    In adherence to fire code regulations there will be a strict wristband policy in effect on Saturday, April 4. Each participating swimmer will receive 1 wristband to give to 1 support person to wear in the spectator gallery. Coaches, principals and volunteers will also be given wristbands and security will be monitoring entrance into the spectator gallery as well as on deck. For your safety, please respect the wristband policy.


    Swimmers and parents put a lot of time, practice and energy into preparing for the meet. Avoid missing a race by keeping track of the event schedule on deck. Some coaches will prepare athletes by writing their event, heat and lane information on their arms with a black Sharpie marker. This is very helpful to swimmers and marshalls. You can find event information in the Programme which will be sold at the meet on Saturday and Sunday.


    Holy Angels supports the TCDSB "no single use plastic" policy. Please bring your own refillable water bottle or purchase the 2020 TCDSSI for $15 while supplies last.


    An essential asset for any spectator (and a neat memento, too!)

    Don't be disappointed missing your swimmers heat! Purchase a programme for $5 and follow along with the officials so you'll know when your swimmer is about to make a splash.


    All athletes should enter the pool from the change rooms. Parents/guardians/support persons wearing wristbands should make their way to the stands on the upper floor while athletes make their way to the main floor change rooms to the pool deck and seat themselves with their coaches and team in their designated zones. NO ADULTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE CHANGE ROOMS OR PAST THE LOBBY!


    The best way to view results is to download the MeetMobile app. This will give you real time results and will let you know if you'll be swimming on Sunday. It is the responsibility of the school coaches to inform athletes of their schedule and standings.


    Please refrain from using flash-photography during the swim meet as it interferes with the timing system (it can be mistaken for the flash indicating a race start). In addition, any athlete seen using a smartphone in the changerooms will be disqualified from the meet. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE IN THE CHANGEROOM AT ANY TIME!


    Prepare for your races with nutrition - many of these healthy items can be found in our café!

    FUEL with healthy carbohydrates, low fat foods and a moderate amount of protein. Today's not the day to eat something unfamiliar!

    AVOID high fat/spicy/gas producing veggies and fibre rich foods, as they are hard to digest. It's a good idea to limit high fructose fruits and drinks, too.


    Given the high volume of attendees, please allow extra time for parking

    590 Rathburn Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9C 3T3
    (416) 394-8111

    Use this map to help you navigate the facility


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